The Best Battle Games

 When I first saw the pitch of Jin Conception described as a social deduction fantasy thriller turn based souls-like JRPG I thought it was a joke. How can a game be so many things? I saw the Jin Conception trailer and I was immediately reminded of Chrono Trigger. I always loved pixel art RPG games since it gives me a nostalgic feeling.

 I decided to give the game a try. The game starts out by having the player jump straight into the action in Final Layer. There is a small intro at the start of the game but it’s very short. The start of the game at Final Layer is sort of like a do-it-yourself tutorial. There is a hint system that let’s players know where to go and every step of the way has clues. To progress the story, I had to interact with certain objects or NPC or go to a certain location. The monsters are difficult but once I got the hang of combat, the game became fun. 

While the game’s art, music and combat are good. The story was average. After finishing the game, I would say the plot was interesting and had many twists but was difficult to follow at times. There are a lot of characters in the game, and I wish they were flushed out more, but I was satisfied overall with the game. I would rate the game 8/10. While playing Jin Conception I did not experience any crashes. One of the major selling points in the game is the social deduction aspect. I don’t want to spoil it, but I thought it was done well.


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